This is really the only imagines I have from a forgotten project done in 2011 for a group show in Brno/Czech Republic. I apologize in advance for the blurriness. More below. It’s exactly what it looks like: a handmade English Alphabet ABC chart for schoolchildren.

The New Bee ABC of Diligence (Brno, Good Shepard Gallery)

This work was realized for a group show about Diligence, beehive metaphors and utopian working class cooperatives (Vasil Artamonov & Alexey Klyuykov, Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Pavel Sterec , Stefan Tiron, Tomáš Uhnák, Martin Vongrej) and curated by POLE.

All the letters and corresponding buzz-words are taken from the worst of corporate/office/business internal jargon - including some new additions from the current economic crisis (such as Staycation, Recessionista, etc). It’s the new white-collar diligence/sloth morality play presented as a simplistic and even childish ABC newspeak pedagogical tool. It’s a new vocabulary where even words like Sacrifice - might have a very different, usually quite cynical, even post-cynical sense. I consider it also as a recent Lingua Tertii Imperii of sorts.
I didn’t make up the words - they are mostly taken from around the net, I also didn’t compile them myself (except for a few additions) - it was the work of others. The ABC is meant to signal the emergence of a new, flexible ‘diligence’ and working-place vocabulary and the fact that this vocabulary will never make into the high school classes and only ‘be learned’ after entering the current job market.

And then bees might turn to be something else.

Under the current economic downturn and recent austerity measures, lack of ‘diligence’ and economic inefficiency has been used as a crude retroactive method to brand out individuals, social groups or entire countries as a potential swarms of drones or worse.
When looking closer at the insects drawing out the letters, what at first sight might look like busy happy bees, will on close inspection reveal a swarm of flies buzzing around – the fly as the ‘anti-bee’, the dialectical opposite of the bee, insects traditionally associated with non work, with cadavers, disease, putrefaction, as demonic harbingers (Belzebut=Lord of Flies) or mutant monsters (Cronenberg’s The Fly).

The chart is 1,30 x 1,60m - and it was printed as a free xerox hand-out for everybody to take.


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